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Your One Stop Shop for Everything for Osceola Site Playoffs

Let's get right to it! The playoff field is set and the buzz is starting around town - playoff baseball returns to Oakey Park in Osceola - August 13-15.

What's the address to the field?

ANSWER - 400 Seventh Avenue, Osceola.

Where's best place to park?

ANSWER - Most games during the regular season the parking lot is next to the ballpark - on Seventh Ave.

HOWEVER, during tournaments - your best bet will likely be driving down Sixth Avenue and parking in the grassy field along the first base/right field area. This field is an ice rink in the winter but a perfect overflow parking lot for tournaments. We encourage as many fans as possible to use the Sixth Avenue parking area - especially Sat. afternoon - Aug, 14 and the 3 pm game Sunday Aug, 15.

Which dugout does my team use?

ANSWER - higher seed uses third base dugout, so that's Spooner, Minocqua, Everest, Tilden. On Sunday - Everest, Tilden - again - third base dugout.

I just want a good cup of coffee, where should I go?

ANSWER - Caribou - 112 Chieftain Street - Inside Dick's Fresh Market

Where should I go for a beer?

ANSWER - Downtown Osceola - the Bermuda Triangle to locals - Osceola Lanes/Patio Bar....there's also Cascade Bar next door and across the street is PY's Saloon. 7 miles South of Osceola on Hwy 35 - there are two bars next to each other - Pottsie's Place and Ken's Keyboard. The Osceola Lanes /Patio Bar is the sponsor bar of the Osceola Braves. Drive safe.

My boyfriend/husband plays on a visiting team and if I have to watch any more baseball, I'm going to go crazy, can you help me find something else to do?

ANSWER - Check out Cascade Falls (waterfall) in downtown Osceola. There's Riverwood Canoe and Kayak Rental which provides hourly shuttles to St. Croix Falls - then paddle down the river to Osceola. And for kids - check out Fawn Doe Rosa - wildlife park in St. Croix Falls (deer feeding and goats, elk, pony rides) There's also a nice hiking trail located behind the BP gas station in downtown Osceola.

Anywhere to gamble?

ANSWER - Turtle Lake Casino - 40 minute drive from Osceola.

PY's Saloon has Texas Hold'em late nights - Friday and some games going Sat night as well.

Where's the best restaurant for a steak? breakfast? a taco?

Village Pizzeria in Dresser/ Our Place Cafe (breakfast) in St. Croix Falls/ Mexican - Fiesta Loca in Dresser.

Osceola Lanes also serves breakfast and Tippy Canoes in Osceola is a full service restaurant - both are popular as well.

What's the scouting report on the teams at the Osceola site?

Braves play Spooner and Spring Valley regularly - both teams are pretty stacked.

Minocqua, Everest, and Tilden - Braves haven't faced in a long time (or ever) - we have no reports on them. :(

Everest defeated Braves in Haugen during the playoffs awhile back.

Can you just tell me when the Braves play?

ANSWER - Yes! The Braves play Spooner on Aug, 13 at 7:30pm at Oakey Park. If the Braves win - they play at noon on Sunday Aug. 15. If the Braves lose on Aug. 13- they play again on Saturday Aug. 14 at 2 pm vs. Everest.

Why are using a photo of Spooner at the Lanes Patio and not the Braves?????

ANSWER - Spooner photo today....Braves victory photo posted Aug. 14! or not? Who knows.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN ( trumpet horns - noise/sounds)

Special thanks to Frenchy and WBA Board for all the planning and everything behind the scenes. We appreciate it even if we don't often say it.


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