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Braves ended the final stretch of four conferences games going 2-2. Braves defeated Brill 3-1. Lost to Haugen Knights 10-0 (Knights Travis Thompson threw a 2 hitter). The Braves final home games this past weekend - lost to Hayward 6-4 and then won 8-6 during the second game of the doubleheader. Your final standings - Spooner 11-1, Hayward 7-4 (with one game to play), Knights 6-6, Brill 6-6, Osceola 5-7 and Hornets 0-11. This weekend upcoming is the Independent Conference Tournament hosted by Spooner. The Braves will play August 2 at 8pm vs TBA during the first round.

The WBA Playoffs kickoff August 9 and unfortunately the Braves did not qualify for the postseason since teams need to be .500 in conference action or better. Teams often undergo a major turnover with players every 10 years or so and the Braves (in my opinion) navigated that transition (to youth) pretty darn well thanks to Coach Hondo and the players joining forces, playing a tough schedule and competing to the very end.


Next season - what if - during Sunday afternoon games - fans receive bingo cards. The announcer reads a few bingo numbers during each inning. The post church crowd - heads to the ballpark to watch baseball and play bingo. Genius?


32 teams enter the playoffs. Should we wait for the bracket to be announced (which will be posted online at various places this Friday) or should we just start making predictions...? Make predictions! Of course.

It's not really going out on a limb - but the favorites will be the top team teams in the power conferences which will be the winner of the Mississippi Valley League, St. Croix Valley League champs, winner of the Chippewa Rivers Baseball League, and the winner of the Independent League.

There are probably 10 teams across the WBA that have legit chances.

So....drumroll....we're predicting the championship game will feature a team that has a handful of players that have won a state championship vs. a team that has zero players that have played on a state championship team.

Clue two - the state championship will feature one team which will be very familiar with Menomonie (site of the state finals)…..and the other team will be traveling from well over an hour away from Menomonie.

Clue three - the state championship will be won by a team who's moniker is a living animal type...could be a flying bird, or an underwater creature or perhaps an animal that eats honey.

Or perhaps Osseo repeats?

Let's just sit back and enjoy the tournament - it will be great baseball!

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