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Recapping the final week of June:

Lost to Isanti in a close game.

Lost to Spooner in lopsided game.

Won vs. Haugen Hornets in lopsided game.

Brill - rained out.

So, a little bit of everything!

Fourth of July - long week off. Rest. Hydrate. Do non-baseball things. Repeat.

July 10 - we are home vs. Prescott

July 12 - road game at Spooner

July 13 - home vs. St. Paul Capitals

Deep Woods League Standings

Spooner 6-1

Hayward 4-2

Brill 4-3

Osceola 3-3

Haugen Knights 3-5

Haugen Hornets 0-6

What does this mean? Means - Braves have some work to do to grind out some July wins and hopefully snag a playoff spot (need to finish in the top half the conference).

Gardening News - lots of June rain and with the recent stretch of sunshine, the garden looks pretty rocking! Blackberries are starting to form in bunches. Tomatoes will be ready to harvest in a week or two. Flowers - etc - all blooming in the coming days!

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