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PLAYOFFS?!?! July 15, 2021

Things are heating up for the Braves playoff push. Too many bubble scenarios to dive too deeply into now including a season conference tournament in late July and early August. Osceola and Oakey Park is a host site for the WBA playoffs and the Braves volunteer crew, players, and business sponsors are pulling out all the stops this year. Basically, shoving all our poker chips into the middle of the pot and saying - we're going to create (hopefully) a great experience for players, coaches, fans and visitors coming to Osceola Aug 13-15. And the "underground" theme is "Tony Garner Festival" but here's just a sampling of what's already planned.

AUGUST 13 - 1 pm 9 hole golf tournament. 4 person scramble at Krooked Kreek. This is not a fundraiser - this is straight golf with cash prizes for three teams. ENJOY!

August 13 - 7:30 - Game 1 of Playoffs - teams tba

Late night Texas Hold'em at PYs Saloon.


Little kids coloring contest at the ballpark 10:30-12:30pm

Hot dog eating contest 4:30 pm at the ballpark.

80's costume party and dance party -music by Bugsy at the Lanes -outdoor patio 7:30pm

Baseball games at Oakey at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm.

Late Night Texas Hold'em at PYs Saloon

August 15

Pie baking / judging contest. Bake a pie. Bring it to park. We'll eat it ( We - players, fans, volunteers) then score it and pick a winner.

Baseball games at noon and 3pm - teams TBA.


50-50 Raffles - special guests and more.

Buckle up Buttercup - it's on - Osceola STYLE.

We're even doing a program preview released in early August with special contributions from some UNLIKELY sources who are writing some wonderful pieces.


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