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all the good gossip, fit to print

lost to Hudson, Minneapolis Angels.

defeated Haugen Knights

lost to Brill and Cold Spring

won vs. Pipestone and Gaylord

lost to St. Peter (in the consolation championship at the Arlington/Gaylord tourney)

The Sun newspaper has a new Braves beat reporter - Reagan! Welcome Reagan! He will be covering games soon for the Sun!

The Braves have three games this week - tomor we host Stillwater Loggers. We haven't played the Loggers in a few seasons but typically it's a close game.

Fri - we host the Fish of River Falls. Manager Josh Eidem, asst. principal at Woodbury Middle School, has what appears something special cooking in 2019 - posting lopsided victories with ease. We'll see if the Braves can derail the Fish's hot-streak.

Sat - we travel to Haugen to play the Haugen Hornets.....haven't played the Haugen Hornets in the last 20 years so this should be interesting. The Hornets are honoring a local legend pregame. After the game - may enjoy some postgame refreshments at Poor Folks Saloon.

Standings - just go to and click the WBA-Independent League. Braves are currently 1-2 in league play but have lots of league games during the last part of June.

We're entering the heart of Wedding Season, Fourth of July, Country Fest, and all the great things to do in summer. Hopefully, the hometown Braves can navigate and earn some tough conference wins as all teams start to buckle down during the heart of the summer season.

MORE GOSSIP - Coach Hondo was spotted antique shopping in Osceola. A few Braves players have an addiction to breakfast burritos from the local BP gas station. Baby Koivu (Howard Miller) has quirky musical songs for long road-trips.

Lastly, we'll be trying a new guest announcer soon.....will keep it secret to see first if he shows up and doesn't get cold feet. stay tuned...

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