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last minute repairs

Sounds like everything is close to being ready - some minor tweaks are in the works to get the ballpark ready for this week's game. We have a 6pin connector cable being flown in from some online cable connector company from out west...if we get this gizmo by Thurs - our scoreboard will work, if not.... no scoreboard...but we'll text you every inning with the score, inning..etc….only $6.99 a game for text score updates...every inning... Kidding of course...but with everyone staring at screens all day - perhaps it won't be long before this happens. Sounds like our popcorn machine needs a tune-up too but the popcorn fix-it-guy is coming!

And correction to previous blog...our new amp for our sound system came from Guitar Center...although we need to test it out....we don't want the music so loud we crack windows across the neighborhood but sometimes you need that little boost of musical power - like when the 10 setting isn't quite powerful need to go to 11.

Thanks to the Lions who donated a grill - we're gonna bang out some burgers on that soon! Finally, we may do the public address - game announcing either May 30 game or May 31 game...from the stands or near the stands rather than above in the announcer's perch. Might add a little extra fun?

(rumor is some Osceola Village board members are coming Thurs forecast looks good...wont be long....season blast off party Oakey Park)

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