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Best Buy - Oakdale

Today will be an exciting day as I take the ancient stereo amp that is used at Braves games to the Best Buy in Oakdale to see if Bluetooth will be at Oakey soon. For our tech AARP fans - what this translates to - anyone with a phone - can climb into the announcers booth and wireless play music from phone to the speakers over the park. Not sure if we are the last park to add Bluetooth or one of the first?

Road opener May 24 - bummer - Hinckley cancelled as their field needed work.

Oakey Park and the Braves host St. Paul Hops May 30 and St. Paul Mudhens May 31 - both 7:30 pm starts. June 2 Braves travel to Haugen Knights.


June 8 - the annual rubber duck race takes place - put on by the Osceola Lions. The way it works - you buy a raffle ticket, and ducks are dropped into the millpond in Osceola....the ducks float under HWY 35 and over the waterfall and travel down the creek - first place duck wins $1500 or something like that. BIG MONEY! Duck race is at 2pm...Braves play at 5pm vs Haugen Knights June 8.

June 28 - Braves host Spooner - sounds like a grilled chicken feed that night.

July 27 - Doubleheader - Hayward at Osceola - games at 2pm/5pm and the Osceola Lanes celebrates its 40th Anniversary - will be bands, mayhem etc at the bowling alley.

Lots more fun things to talk about and promotions in the works but that's enough for now.


July 12 - Braves travel to Spooner and its Rodeo Weekend in Spooner so the Braves will be playing as ???? (need to think of new name for the Braves for this game....might be Osceola RoughRiders, Osceola Cowboys? Osceola SodSteers? Send ideas in....) Send names in via Braves Facebook which Kate runs or Braves twitter or just come to Oakey and let us know.

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