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Avengers: Endgame

For the kids that read or stumble accidentally on this blog - how was Avengers? Movie critics say this is the greatest, biggest movie OF ALL TIME. Of course until the next big movie release next spring or summer...

Reminds me of when Oakey's Park beer wrangler Kevin retold how we was nervous stepping in the St. Croix River after seeing the premier of Jaws. (cue the music Duh - dun duh dun...duh dun).

So, the big sign of summer is coming - new big summer films start getting released now.

Also, another sign that the spring is here: the NFL Draft happened. Without following the NFL Draft, I can pretty much guarantee your favorite NFL team got a really large, fast, muscular college player that fans are going to enjoy because he's a can't miss superstar...

MLB - Brewers have cooled. The Twins - are red hot and clobbering homers at record setting pace. FUN! And if you haven't been following what's happening in soccer - St. Paul and the soccer team - the Loons - are packing fans in their new stadium.

(this is where my seven loyal readers get really annoyed - as they think...write about the BRAVES!)

Ok, ok, ok...BRAVES NEWS

The Braves inked a new skipper, Brian Hronski aka Hondo - during the offseason. Hondo has been playing amateur baseball in Minnesota for a long time and also has coached high school, played in college, and has college coaching experience. New people always bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm and ideas and we're trying to keep up with all the newness Hondo is unwrapping on us. New uniforms, and a few new road trips to the bad side of the river to play some top-notch MN teams.

The Braves have also joined the Deep Woods League - some call the Indy League - with teams such as Haugen, Hayward, Brill and Spooner. All of sudden Braves fans are suddenly sentimental and feel lost - without seeing exotic locations like Plum City, Spring Valley, Menomonie and Bay City not on the 2019 summer schedule. But fans are also excited to see some new parks and the Braves will be experiencing conference games under the lights in Spooner, Haugen and Hayward etc so yes - lots of new adventures this summer! (I'm predicting the Deep Woods League and the St. Croix Valley League will merge in two years to form a super 16 team league in the near future.)

Old rivals we will see again this summer include Hudson, River Falls and Prescott. Maybe even a late season - August game vs. New Richmond...who knows!

The May roster of players is shaping up....more on that later as we finalize the spring roster...then there are always tweaks as we move into July...and hopefully an August playoff roster to be set --- but that's many games down the road.

Suffice it to say we're excited to get started.

Practices will start in May at Oakey Park. And soon we will have an online store to order Braves wearables.....

Also look for the Braves Preview tab in the Osceola Sun newspaper this May. And special thanks to the Ruhsam family for a donation to the Braves in the name of Dave Ruhsam. Dave was a coaching icon in Osceola and the Ruhsams were great fans and super nice people. Definitely miss them.

Won't be long until opening day in late May....

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